Bernice’s Story

Nearly 90 years old, Bernice loved her independence. Her age had not dimmed her love of life even though age and physical changes were somewhat limiting her mobility. However, this spirited woman would awaken early each morning eager to start her day. She began the day by navigating the distance to her church just across the street for morning services. She loved God and had been devoted to church attendance for many years. Some of Bernice’s other activities included occasional outings with relatives and friends and riding the community bus to the grocery store at that time.

One fateful day while strolling through the church parking lot on her way to service, a car backing out of a parking space grazed her and knocked her off balance sending her crashing to the pavement breaking her shoulder. Life changed suddenly for Bernice that day. Now with her arm immobilized in a sling for several weeks, simple tasks like preparing meals, showering and dressing would be impossible duties in her current but cherished independent lifestyle. Her options were very limited due to her fixed income. She was a woman in crisis. That’s when a relative contacted Wholeness House to see if we could help.

Immediately a team of three volunteers was assembled and worked in shifts to provide for Bernice the necessary companionship and assistance she required during her recovery. Since our organization is subsidized completely by donations, Bernice incurred no expense.

Our outreach team prepared her meals, assisted with her activities of daily living and dispensed her medications. The team also accompanied her to doctor’s appointments as well as stayed in her home overnight to comfort and care for this precious lady.

Several weeks and much physical therapy later, Bernice was able to resume her own care.

If it had not been for Wholeness House, I’m not sure what I would have done. I did not want to be placed in a nursing home. I thank God for the volunteers at Wholeness House, who cared for me during this crisis and allowed me to continue living in my own home.