Gideon’s Disaster Rescue, Relief & Recovery

Gideon’s Disaster Rescue, Relief & Recovery has qualified individuals to assist in disaster relief locally, nationally and eventually internationally. We have a team of certified volunteers that can be deployed on short notice to aid victims of weather- or environmental-related disasters on location. We also will offer a variety of residential relief options on a long-term or short-term basis in certain situations. Gideon’s will extend not only rescue operations and relief support but also recovery opportunities to all rescued victims. As active members of the Rapid Response Team of BGEA and volunteers with The Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services, we work with these well-respected organizations that partner with smaller organizations to accomplish big tasks with compassion and professionalism.

Some of the accreditations our team members currently hold include but are not limited to Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM):
• Individual Crisis Intervention and Peer Support
• Suicide Prevention and Post Intervention
• Volunteer Chaplain I & II
• CISM Application with Children
• CISM Application with Law Enforcement & Emergency Personnel

In addition, several team members have experience in medical/dental assistance as well as food service.