Caring & Sharing

Caring & Sharing will be our organization that receives donations to be utilized by the many men, women and children of our residential, outreach and disaster relief programs. These donations can include but are not limited to clothes, household items, linens, personal toiletries, furniture, appliances, vehicles, non-perishable nutritious food items, bottled water, etc. Donations of cash designated for Caring & Sharing will be used to purchase the necessary items where there is lack.

All non-cash donations will be distributed through the Caring & Sharing Thrift Store for resale or for use by each resident upon their arrival at any of our residential facilities or by those disadvantaged persons in our outreach programs. Additionally, victims of weather- or environmental-related disasters will receive the necessary items to maintain warmth, shelter, survival and a sense of dignity in the hours and days immediately following the disaster.

So, before throwing out any item, consider whether you care to share it with many others who are less fortunate through our Caring & Sharing affiliate.